2. Crown Graphics. 4x5. Borrowing it from my friend!

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  3. <3 Trees

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  5. Old rolls i just got developed. Always fun. 

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  7. Hi Brody

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  9. Hello! 

    First off I want to thank all the models involved thus far:

    Stephanie Robalino

    Shaylan Eubank

    Chris Ritchie

    Mike Fleming

    and Greer Kofoed who also doubled on make up on a couple shoots!

    Eight months ago I did my 1st photo shoot for my underwater series.  Click Here for a larger over view of my project!  

    I am a bit behind my expected timeline, but no surprise there.  Though I haven’t really been able to work as steadily on this project as I would have liked I still have a good amount of time to just think about it and really figure out a direction I’d like to go in (which I’m still not sure..heh).  It’s nice having a long term photo series though.  Usually I just set up a photo shoot and that’s the end of it.  I don’t really give myself a chance to let the creative process marinate and really morph into something bigger.  It’s a nice change especially in the editing process.

    So far I have completed Four underwater shoots and plan to do more but it’s very hard to find free time lately so instead of sitting on these photos I am posting them now! I have also been working on cultivating a new portfolio! Check it out and see the rest of the underwater photos there: Marleigh Jones

    PS. Love you Guys! And feel free to ask me questions.